Huan Yuan 2160 E. Newbury Rd. Newbury Park, CA (805) 499-9588

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Huan Yuan advertises itself as the oldest established Chinese restaurant in Newbury Park and the Noshers set out on a Saturday evening to check it out. Arriving around 7 pm, there was only one other table of patrons in the restaurant. We selected a large round table and started our epicurean adventure. The waiter brought tea immediately and excellent won ton chips.

Our standard order always includes Wor Won Ton Soup, and the soup at Huan Yuan was quite large and tasty. Next to arrive was the General Tso Chicken. The dish was good, but not prepared as we had expected, being on the sweet side and very similar to the shrimp dish that was the next to arrive. The Spicy Honey Shrimp was originally listed as a scallops dish, but they graciously made it with shrimp for us. This was a lovely blend of contrasting tastes and textures-the spicy and the sweet, the crunchy and the not. We also ordered the Szechuan Beef, which was a very tasty dish, a nice combination of beef, sauce, and veggies.

The standout of the evening was the Pork Chow Fun. This delightful mixture included barbequed pork, noodles, bean sprouts, snow peas, garlic, and ginger. This was the dish that so invigorated our taste buds, there were seconds and maybe some thirds all around.  This was A+ territory.

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Wrapping up the meal, the waiter brought us fortune cookies and a nice surprise of orange jello portions in plastic shot glass containers. The jello was just the right flavor to put a nice exclamation point on the meal. The service was attentive, with plentiful refills of water and prompt whisking away of empty dishes. There were also cloth napkins on the table-always a plus! The check was reasonable, $66 including the tip. Overall grade B+.


Chang 101

2024 E. Avenida De Los Arboles, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362
(805) 492-7888

Our favorite Chinese restaurant closed, so we are on the search for the best Chinese cuisine in the Conejo Valley and surrounding areas! Someone has to do it, and we are pleased to take on the quest. Hence, your four intrepid noshers headed out on a Friday night to check out Chang 101 in Thousand Oaks. It was 8pm and we were hungry. We entered the nearly empty restaurant and were shown to a large, round table. Our order was Wor Won Ton Soup, Shrimp with Lobster Sauce, Sizzling Beef and Scallops, Orange Chicken, and Mu Shu Pork.

First to arrive were the crispy won tons. These were a welcome sight, and delicious. We happily rated them a “10.” The service was excellent, and the Wor Won Ton Soup arrived promptly, full of beautiful, fresh veggies with large bok choy, and delightful meats in a lovely broth. Delicious!

The Sizzling Beef with Scallops arrived next, and it was truly sizzling. Very good. The Shrimp with Lobster Sauce was quite good, although the veggies appeared to have been previously frozen. Mu Shu Pork appeared, already rolled. We should have specified that it was to be an appetizer, but it was tasty. We could have used a little more sauce, but still good. Our only real disappointment was the Orange Chicken, which seemed to be processed chicken, and the crispy coating was not what we’d hoped for. Fortune cookies arrived at the end. We enjoyed the meal, and the prices were moderate, about $20/person, including tip. Chang 101 is a good neighborhood hang and overall the rating was a B-.

Sizzling Beef with Scallops
Crispy Won Ton

Shrimp with Lobster Sauce

Welcome to the Noshersblog

FullSizeRenderThe Noshersblog was born on March 1, 2015 in Ventura, California.  It all started when Mitch and Lisa’s favorite local Chinese restaurant, China Garden, was forced to close their doors.

On a weekend getaway to Ventura with Andrew and Karen, The Noshersblog was born. We decided to try every Chinese restaurant, starting with the Conejo Valley and surrounding areas to find the best Chinese food around.

In order for you to trust our recommendations, as we blog, we’re going to give you a little background about ourselves. Spoiler alert – we are picky, especially when it comes to Chinese food! Once you get to know us, you’ll know that when we highly recommend something, you can trust that opinion.

Welcome to the the world of the Noshersblog.